Those Who Write About Leftists: An Original Poem

Satire is today a popular art
With many practitioners thereof
Displaying a wide array of talents
And showing many societal flaws
But as is with all things so widespread
It has rather gone to some folks’ heads


It is easy to find and choose
Some helpless target for casual abuse
Bringing low the mighty and strong
Can be dangerous if done for much too long
And after all, is it not easier to attack
Someone who cannot answer back?
And as for you who claim and say
The weak were powerful for a day
I answer this truly and reply to you
You are both a coward and a fool
Who attacks honest workers like a lout
While child murderers are walking about


There is a thin line between satire and cruelty
Which none of you appear to understand
It is not brave to criticize the marginalized
While ignoring the evil of the powers-that-be
And if any person would have such gall
T’would be best for them to not write at all.


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