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Above, a large predator fish chases after scattering small fish. In the middle, the word “organize!” in bold letters. Below, a large number of small fish in the shape of a bigger fish chase away the predator fish

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Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.

~ Helen Keller, IWW member

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an upward facing fist holds onto what is a pencil tip on on the right (representing office & education workers) and on the left side is the end of a wrench (representing construction & other manual labor workers)
  • Sacramento IWOC Aids Incarcerated Firefighters
    Summer heat in US prisons has become a major issue, with facilities in states like Texas not providing air conditioning. California facilities are typically equipped with air conditioning, and CDCR even has guidelines on when it must be turned on. Despite this, incarcerated women firefighters returning to Chowchilla prison from duty a month ago found […]
  • Beloved Area Non-Profit Fires 5 Workers without Notice or Severance
    The Gender Health Center (or GHC) is a Sacramento non-profit that serves as a resource for transgender and non-gender-conforming people locally and across the country. However, like many non-profits, the values they publicly espouse are not always reflected in how they treat their own staff. After five GHC workers were fired, they released the following […]
  • Support Labor Journalism by pre-ordering Kim Kelly’s Book!
    For a few years now, Kim Kelly has been one of the best, if not the best, labor journalists in the United States. Her work is down to earth and genuine. Her words are written for fellow workers, and her critical eye catches a lot of what other writers on labor miss. Unfortunately, we do […]
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