Support Labor Journalism by pre-ordering Kim Kelly’s Book!

For a few years now, Kim Kelly has been one of the best, if not the best, labor journalists in the United States. Her work is down to earth and genuine. Her words are written for fellow workers, and her critical eye catches a lot of what other writers on labor miss.

Unfortunately, we do not have a lot of writers like Kim.

Her first book, FIGHT LIKE HELL, is coming out soon. On April 26th, to be precise. Pre-orders are a big deal in the publishing industry, and her numbers will have an impact on how wide of an audience she is able to reach in the future, in both news publications and possible future books.

We have not been blessed with an advance copy, and so have not read it yet, but here are some words from those who have already read it, pulled from the official publisher’s site, linked below.

“No one is more passionate about workers’ struggles than Kim Kelly, and it shows. Let her take you on a wild ride through American labor history, introducing you to some of labor’s unsung heroes, inspiring victories, and tragic defeats. This book will change how you think about the labor movement.”
—Sarah Jaffe, author of Work Won’t Love You Back

“In FIGHT LIKE HELL you’ll find the true stories of people who have fought to win a better world for themselves and everyone else who has to work for a living. Need enough wages to live on? Dignified treatment on the job that recognizes you as a human being, not a machine? Sometimes feel an impulse to be a troublemaker? FIGHT LIKE HELL will give you inspiration — and a few hot tips.”
—Jeremy Brecher, author of National Bestseller Strike!

FIGHT LIKE HELL tells the inspiring stories of badass working class heroes who have all too often been written out of history. We need to hear these voices now more than ever, and Kim Kelly vibrantly brings their struggles and sacrifices to life.”
—Tom Morello, musician, actor, political activist, and lead guitarist for Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave

If you want to support labor journalism, and get a book that will no doubt be interesting and inspiring, put in your pre-order for Fight Like Hell by Kim Kelly today!

Pre-order hardback copy from Simon & Schuster

Pre-order ebook from Simon & Schuster

Pre-order audiobook from Libro

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