Apply for Dec. 3-4th Organizer Training (spots limited!)

We’re glad you’re interested in taking our Organizer Training! This training will be in-person (with covid precautions) and will be held in two ~6 hour segments, from 9am-3pm on Saturday December 3rd and Sunday December 4th. There will be some food and beverages but you may also bring your own. It is free to attend but not free to host, so donations are welcome. If you wish to donate, and it’s within your means, a good amount to help us cover the cost of the space and the food is $25.

We want to train everyone who’s interested in organizing at work, but a lot of people are interested in that right now and we may have to prioritize if more people apply than we have slots open. If we can’t get you trained this time, let’s still stay in touch and we can help get you into a remote, online training.

We also want to make the training as accessible as possible, so if there are additional accessibility factors you’d need to attend that are not mentioned below, feel free to tell us about it by emailing us at