IWW Organizer Trainings

We’re glad you’re interested in getting trained with us!

A quick FAQ:

  1. There is no fee or cost to attend a training!
  2. You do not need to be a member to get trained!
  3. The trainings are about 12 hours long, split between 2+ days
  4. There are also in-person trainings, but they are less frequent. See below for more info on in-person trainings.

To attend online

Our trainings are coordinated by the continent-wide IWW Organizer Training Committee (OTC). To sign up for an online training, just email otc@iww.org and say you’d like to attend a training. From there they’ll get back to you and help you find one that fits your schedule.

To attend in-person

We hope to have a local in-person training soon, but if you want to get trained as soon as possible, online is probably the best option. However, there are psycho-social exercises in the training that often work best in person. Any local training(s) would be in an outdoor but non-public space, so as to minimize covid19 transmission.

In-person trainings involve significant planning and expenses for us, so we want to make sure there is enough interest before we schedule one. If you would like to attend a 2-day, in-person training, please let us know by filling out and submitting the form below.

If you and/or your coworkers need organizing assistance urgently, please fill out our workplace problems form in addition to this one.

Organizer Training 101 Interest Form (this is a training request & scheduling tool, not an RSVP)