Public Services Statement

In our lifetimes, we have seen a war waged on working people and communities in the form of cuts to public programs including schools, healthcare, EBT and more.  It is up to us, Sacramento public sector workers, to organize at our workplaces and directly resist these attacks so that we may begin the economic and social changes necessary to promote people’s interests and provide for human need.

Today, it is largely State and charity funded social programs that barely provide critical services for the most vulnerable. Only a small portion of funding and resources is allowed for basic services despite the vast wealth in our society. We need to turn the historic tide pushing the majority of society into deprivation and precariousness towards direct community control over social welfare.

We propose that the community itself decide where its resources go, independently of the State and businesses. In health, we call for a comprehensive system of universal access to health resources free from profit, shaped and held accountable to the community via democratic neighborhood councils, and managed by workers’ assemblies. Our current education system should be replaced by universal free education from preschool to the highest levels of learning with curriculum, funding, and administration coordinated by councils of educators, and community members. Social services, currently fragmented across institutions, funding sources, and special interests, must be increased until every community can guarantee access to safe housing, childcare, libraries, space for exercise and leisure, and opportunities for cultural engagement and creation.

As workers, we know how to run every sector of society; we already do. Rather than having services in the hands of administrators and politicians who are rewarded for attacking labor and withholding resources, we can better serve society by directly managing and providing these services ourselves. It is not simply a matter of sharing what already exists, but also of transforming industries into vehicles for full human development, rather than for the power and wealth of a dominant ruling class.

As part of the Industrial Workers of the World, a global union run by and for its members, and as people working in the public sector, we seek to build democratically controlled workplaces. We want you to organize with us, and engage in direct action against employers, representatives of the State, and other power brokers who are threatening the public sector. If these services exist for the benefit of all, we should be running them. Public services in public control.