Incarcerated Workers Group

Sacramento IWOC opposes the prison system by working to support prisoners, especially in the northern California region. We seek to empower prisoners and to connect anti-prison struggles with other workers’ struggles.  Our central mission is to support prison strikes from the outside, while staying faithful to the messaging and demands of the strikers.  We write letters to prisoners, send literature to members on request, pressure CDCR in cases of neglect or retaliation, and coordinate with IWOC chapters in other cities.

Prisons are a major source of forced labor in the U.S. For example, one third to one half of California’s forest firefighters are prisoners. Prisons (including detention centers) also play a key role in criminalizing dissent, migration, acts of economic desperation, etc.

In keeping with IWW philosophy of solidarity not charity, we aspire to be prisoner-led, although this is inevitably limited by the realities of prison.  International IWOC is part of the IWW and has a newsletter which is mailed to IWOC members in prison and to non-prisoner subscribers.

To get involved, hit us up at, follow us on instagram to see our upcoming events or visit the  North American IWOC page

There is also an Ireland IWOC and a UK IWOC

And there is GG/BO, a union for prisoners in Germany

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